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Linux Desktop

KDE Connect is available in all major distributions and works in all desktop environments. GNOME users might prefer using GSConnect, a GNOME extension that implements the KDE Connect protocol.

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KDE Connect for Android is available on both Google Play and F-Droid.

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Plasma Mobile

A mobile friendly interface for mobile Linux platforms such as Plasma Mobile is also available.

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KDE Connect is available for SailfishOS in


An early release of KDE Connect on Windows is available as well as binary packages.


An early release version for Mac OS can be build following these instructions.

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Source code

The source code for the desktop and Android version is available on KDE’s Gitlab instance. For detailed instructions on how to build KDE Connect from source, check the Get Involved page.

Get Started

Pairing Two Devices

Paiting two devices is the first step in using KDE Connect.


A list of all features that are there in KDE Connect.


Still having issues? We have a troubleshooting section with all the commons issues.

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